An evolving platform and clubnight series

Curatorial platform A- - -Z (Anne Duffau) and DJ and artist Chooc Ly Tan co-founded Décalé in 2018: a club night devoted to otherness. To be “Décalé" is to be displaced in space and time. They aim to promote talented artists, music producers and DJs who are disadvantaged by societal and commercial norms; they prioritise queer people of color.

The club night series took off with the support of DIY Space for London, their first home (Décalé 1,2 & 3) ; since then the platform has put on nights at Ormside Projects (Décalé x jupiter Woods) and Space289 (Décalé 6); they ignited the subterranean space of Somerset House studios (AGM), and Landmark’s adventurous festival Poekhali!, organised in collaboration with Borealis, at Bergen Kunsthall, in Norway.

Inspired from both of their interests in sci-fi, rebellion and nonconformity, A- - -Z and Chooc Ly wrote this text which adorns each invitations to party:

When dusk arises, agitated spirits awake

A night on planet earth, Décalé

A platform for nocturnal creatures, loud existential insurgents;
disobedient children will come together & rise from the dark
to encounter experimental collapsing & flawless sounds / visuals / people
to declare together the unspoken & embrace the hybrid and reactive nature
of our collective experience.

Together we will re-write reality for an alternate tomorrow.”

Alpha & Chooc Ly

see below for details about each edition of Décalé

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