Chooc Ly is an artist, DJ, producer, party purveyor and voyager. Not limited by a specific genre, she has a penchant for infectious music and bold novelties. Her DJ sets are dance-floor focused, forging astral connections through spectrums of club music and futuristic sound. She crafts seamless sonic journeys, using antagonistic and unexpected rhythms and vocals – all interconnected – fierce and emotional. Given her mixed-heritage (Afro/Vietnamese/Cambodian) and working-class background (from the French banlieue), no wonder her DJ sets are exuberant and energetic. She played at Swallow in LA; Chale Wote Festival in Accra, Ghana; the Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland; Regenerative Feedback at WORM Rotterdam; Body Movements Festival 2022 and GGI 끼, both in London. She is affiliated with Chinabot, a label exploring and connecting experimental music from across Asia. And she co-runs the London platform Décalé that puts on evenings of experimental, collapsing and flawless sounds/visuals.

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