@ AGM, Somerset House studios
a takeover of the subterranean space by Décalé


JAEHO HWANG + VJ Claudio Giambusso
+ Décalé residents: Chooc Ly & Alpha

as part of wider program across the different floors @ Somerset House Studios, with artists including:
Mikki Bianco, Erica Scourti + more


Known for bringing the drama to the dancefloor with their searing selections, Ifeoluwa is a multitalented artist, writer, and DJ and founder of (the very wonderful) Intervention. Ifeoluwa’s sets encompass emo grime, pop and R&B club cuts, techno, post-punk and more and you can always expect them to bring the WAVIEST selections.

Jaeho Hwang is a London-based DJ, producer, and visual artist who recontextualises traditional Korean instrumentation and brings it into the contemporary electronic and club music scene.

Claudio Giambusso
London based Filmmaker and Visual Artist Claudio Giambusso uses technology as a tool to express his ideas through multi-media platforms : Video Production, Art Director, 3D Animation, VJ Performance, interactive installations and realtime generative art.

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