Want to learn how to DJ? (workshop for Kids)
12 June 2016

antiniui website / Venue: NRS, London

Chooc Ly Tan (born in France) is an Artist and DJ. With a penchant for electronic music, Chooc Ly’s DJ sets present a varied selection taking in from Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Bollywood through to high-voltage techno amongst others. She has been DJing since 2007 and over the years, became a resident DJ for EAVI Nights, curated by Goldsmiths' embodied audio-visual interaction (EAVI) group, in London. Her upcoming gigs include Acid Moon, a club night focusing on the Acid sound; and Objects Ltd label launch, both in London. Objects Ltd is a brand new electronic music label aiming to provide a platform for some of the most innovative and dynamic producers.

Chooc Ly Tan (DJ Spacer Woman) will be teaching basic DJing skills to kids.
Come in for a 3-hour workshop and go through the stations! Learn how to mix, use digital controllers, and virtual (computer) DJing.

The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate how to DJ regardless of the budget. For this reason, the demonstration will be taking place using digital equipment due to its low cost and portability. Take the gear from your bedroom to the party!

This event is limited to 15 people and is geared toward youth aged 8-12. Bring a small selection of music (mp3).


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