Decolonise Meteoric Mix, 2017
Installation and performance
Villa Empain, Brussels

Performance, 20 min. duration
5 Novembre 2017

Decolonise Meteoric Mix is a site-specific performance devised by myself, and energised by Stormy (breakdancer),
Dove Prodigy (Vogue dancer), Audrey Lauro (saxophonist), and Lionel Dury (barstaff).

The piece explores the shifting meaning of chemistry applicable in mixology, dance, music and collective transformation.
The piece references the hybrid and reactive nature of chemical associations, by including a dance battle, cocktail consumption
and an explosive phenomenon.

This new AV performance will be punctuated by scientific thoughts and groovy beats, before leading to an installation:
an anagram - letters made of neons, forming a message highlighting an optimism for the future.

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