Earth Friction: Geological Forces_Forced Nature, 2022
Soundscape performed for Lava Lines
with a set design by Leïla Arenou
Biblioteka, London
32 minutes  

For this soundscape, I drew inspiration from my fascination with natural phenomena and volcanic activities, which led me to live in Iceland from 2007 to 2009; I was also inspired by my own experience of injustice — my parents were refugees from Vietnam and Cambodia — as well as my ongoing research on the work of indigenous and diasporic activists, and conversations I had with friends, spotlighting certain geopolitical factors – ongoing imperialist exploitations – in places like the DRC and Greenland which are rich in natural ressources. I have collaged field recordings of geothermal activities, clips excerpted from speechs by Indiginous activists + I wanted to gel these elements cohesively together with electronic beats and beeps, bass and anger, using intense industrial/noise sound and vocals (see below).

List of texts, field recordings and musical beat I have mixed together - I am grateful to the artists and actvists cited below:
AJA - Charge x Texts "Greenland was colonised by the Danish..." x clips from Oklou - Silicium
Field Recordings of Bubbling Lava; People Reacting to Geysir in Iceland; Mud in Myvatn
Text about Lithium x Mad Mike - Attack Of The Sonic Samurai (The Battle Within)
Gods of Technology - Being of Sound Mind (instrum.) x text 'Element of Sulphur (s) (doc. excerpt)
Blood Sweat Cobalt in DRC, Fortune news documentary (excerpt)
aamourocean - Life Sim - IDL aamourocean ◖ᵔᴥᵔ◗ ♪ ♫ Remix
Txai Suruí's speech at COP26 (excerpt) x 100 gecs - 745 Sticky (Black Dresses Remix) [Kidcore re-Remix]
ex.sses - M.A.D.
X6Cta - Break & Bass x Wishmountain - Dust
X6Cta - exiter x protesting crowd during a climate strike in Guildford
dreamcrusher - PSA (excerpt from intro)

About Lava Lines:
Lava Lines explores the life forms, contemporary myths and geopolitical powers that shape volcanic landscapes. Portals to an underworld of almost limitless energy production, volcanic environments are also the seat of ancestral practices. Lava Lines gathers texts, visual and sonic formats to touch on collective memory, non-human agency and myth-making.

Francisca Khamis, Naïmé Perrette, Camille Picquot, Rachel Pimm, Mika Oki.

Live programme:
Francisca Khamis, Juliette Lizotte, Mika Oki, Chooc Ly Tan, Adán Ruiz, Ana Vaz and Rieko Whitfield.

Radio by Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee. Publication by Folium Publishing.

Curated by Leïla Arenou and Naïmé Perrette.

Performed at:

2023 | On Wounded Kinship – All The Birds Sing Bass, Nottingham Contemporary (upcoming)
2023 | Sudden Beams 2: Extraction, Plaform Asia x Near Now x OTOKA, Nottingham
2023 | Climate Crisis >> Art Action Takeover, Whitechapel gallery, London
2022 | Lava Lines, Biblioteka, London


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