Let's Make Another Possible Now
22nd May 2014, Gasworks, London
9th January 2014, Flat Time House, London

20 minutes

The performance begins with intermittent short bleeps and tones of various pitches in an apparently random pattern, issuing from monitors positioned amidst the audience throughout the different rooms of the gallery and abruptly punctuating the ambient noise. Departing the front room, I walk down the corridor to the main room, reading aloud a short text, which draws attention to the fact that our bodies glow with a radiant heat.

Arriving in the main room, my reading is accompanied by an audio/visual display at the front, whilst the resonant beeps and tones begin to slowly increase in frequency, as if unidentified devices were initiating unknown sequences close by. Then a spotlight picks out a young girl standing on a podium, who begins zealously expounding a manifesto for a new and revolutionary concept that promotes exploration of possibilities to be found in the chaos of the universe. Thus, the term ‘Oubliism’ is given to refer to an alternative creed, with which to distance oneself from reality and aspire to new cosmic ideals.

Approaching the end of her speech, the electronic noises have become synchronised and at the final word, form a recognisable pattern, accompanied by electronic beats. As the girl leaves, a colourful audio-visualiser appears on-screen, responding to the music now playing. As the audience disperses, the young girl is to be found elsewhere, in the office, playing the video game, Minecraft, sound effects of which are played over the music. Through her gaming, we are able to hear her break, block, build structures, journey across lands, cross rivers and encounter animals.

This performance was commissioned by Flat Time House, London, as part of Antiknow, a pedagogical theatre of unlearning and the limits of knowledge. It was performed once again at Gasworks, London, as part of Pedro Lagoa's Archive of Destruction.

Célia Badrichani (orator)
Tex Royale (announcer)
Oliver Marchant (sound engineer)

Sound design by Oli Buckett and Chooc Ly.

an AV installation at the back of Gasworks

Then orator Celia Badrichani comes on the podium...

Oliver Marchant sound-operating

Performed at:

2014 | Feral expressways cleanse the Oval, Gasworks, London
2014 | Antiknow - Let’s Make Another Possible Now, Flat Time House, London (commissioner)

Photo: Eugenia Ivanissevich. Courtesy Chooc Ly Tan
Video filmed by Tom Johnson and edited by me

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