Art Monthly
Tess Charnley reviews Syncopes | June 2021

“ The curation of the exhibition is particularly strong. [...]
The standout work in the exhibition is arguably Chooc Ly Tan’s newly commissioned film [...]. Femme vogue dancer Omar Jordan Phillips discusses the importance of the beat in voguing and the pivotal moment where the dancer decides to go with the beat or ‘move through it’ [...]. Hannah Catharine Jones also talks about the significance of the beat, alluding to decolonisation as a kind of syncopation that pushes back against the status quo, against the ‘downbeat’ of ‘Eurocentric monoculture’. Linking and separating these various interviews is footage of participants voguing in anonymous outdoor spaces in London, and black screens with neon graphics of sound waves.”

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The Wire
Syncopes Review | Deborah Nash | March

‘[Syncopes] is an enriching and timely encounter where collaboration, community building and knowledge sharing are a welcome antidote to the isolation and divisions of today’

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The Art Newspaper
Three Exhibitions to see ︎︎︎  read more

British Journal of Photography
HI-NOON carves out a new online space for artists and collectors

“She has such an impressive, on-the-ground knowledge and grasp of the current shifts and pressure points in the global art debate,” explains HI-NOON

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Art Monthly
Chooc Ly Tan: Crepuscular Dreams of (Dis-) Alienation at Banner Repeater, by Tabitah Steinberg, 2020 ︎︎︎ read more

Between the Visible and Invisible at Maraya Art Centre, 2018
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Dance Break by Hanna orlowski & Nadine Khalil, 2018 ︎︎︎ read more

6x 6 Projects

“What influences you artistically?
CLT: Almost everything but mostly classical and theoretical physics, science fiction, activism, rebellion, weird landscapes and music. [...]

How do you start a new work?
CLT: Sometimes I can’t sleep because of my hyperactive brain that processes the first ideas.”

Artist Questionnaire, 2019 ︎︎︎ read more

The Independent
Britart’s new wave, by Laura McLean Ferris, 2011

“Chooc Ly Tan's final exhibition involved a number of sculptural installations that comprised bricks, spanners, glass tiles and slide projectors connected together with yarn as though it might be sightlines. These are elegant and visually interesting enough in themselves, but they are formed around an intriguing sci-fi narrative. Some nearby emails pinned to the wall, dated from the year 2165, claim to be from a researcher who is applying to a scientist for information about his 'Oublian Structure' made in 2142. Are those sculptures Oublian structures, then? Also part of the installation is a frenetic video about Oublism, narrated to a synthy set of pop beats, which appears to be a kind of Utopian scientific and revolutionary movement from the future.”

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The Art of Science, Beyond Ourselves at the Royal Society of Science, review by Gia Milinovich, 2011 ︎︎︎ read more

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