Rêve, Rave et Révolution, 2019
c-type print
Image size: 32cm H X 50cm W
Print size: 32cm H X 50cm W

– Photographic print and billboard commission –

“Recently, I was thinking of the notions of “rave” (-party), “rêve” (dream) and “révolution” (revolution) and how they could cross etymologically and socio-politically. Immediately, among the few common denominators that emerged, I could quote: "transgression", "optimism", "collective experience (and transformation)”. Here is a photo-montage composed of a self-portrait – me at high altitude (holding a handrail), with the presence of Europa, the scribbled moon orbiting Jupiter. The piece also features hand-drawn creatures that face existential, gravitational, and cosmic challenges. At the heart of this composition is a call to action and a tribute to activists, especially those who have had to fight white colonisers and supremacists.”

Limited edition available on hi-noon

Installation shot
Billboard @ the crossroad between East rd and Murray rd, Hoxton, N1 6JB London | Nov 2019 – Feb 2020
Top panel: photograph 'Rêve, Rave et Révolution' (3x6 meters)
Bottom panel: Graphics I've made for hi-noon (3x6meters)

︎Press - British Journal of Photgraphy, by BJP

exhibitions/public art:

2022 | Hi-Noon x Photo London, Somerset House, London
2021 | Hi-Noon x Photo London, Somerset House, London
2020 | large billboard commission in Hoxton, London
2019 | Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles, France

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