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Join us over half term for a series of workshops inspired by Wysing's gallery exhibition Ophiux. During three morning study sessions led by artist Chooc Ly Tan we will be exploring science, technology and the environment to make our own artworks and we will work together to create immersive environments.

Monday 24 October 10.30–12.30
SCULPTURE LAB; Creating sculptures & exploring found objects to create an immersive environment

Like scientists in a lab we will experiment and observe diverse materials and objects in order to explore their potential. Does the object project or absorb light? Does it stretch? Cut? Stick? Thinking of these possibilities, participants will create a hybrid sculpture that merges with the space. The studio will become inhabited and activated by our artworks. Note: participants are asked to bring 2 objects – any objects that they don't mind altering – that they would like to use in their sculpture.

Tuesday 25 October 10.30–12.30
PATTERN LAB; Using photography, film and projection to create an immersive environment

What might the future look like? How will biology and technology adapt and develop? Participants will collect patterns from the site and produce new futuristic patterns and ideas. Projecting our patterns and designs we will create a sci-fi experience.

Wednesday 26 October 10.30–12.30
SOUND LAB; using sound, light and projection to create an immersive environment

What would inhabit the soundscape of the future? Thinking of biological creatures and technological devices of the future, participants will explore different ways of producing and recording sounds. Creating and playing with sound, light and projections we will create an immersive, multimedia artwork.

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