Sonic Cities – Soundscape For An Alternative Future | 4th June- 11am – 6pm
Theatrum Mundi, London

Description of my workshop:

“For this workshop, we will imagine an optimistic future at the intersection of sonic and ecologic practices. Let’s imagine a future where all systems of oppression have dissolved; lush landscapes flourish, eco-cities and vertical farms thrive. You alternate between different environments – serene or exuberant, with contrasting visual and auditory stimuli. You are an occasional intergalactic raver.

How would this future sound like?”

As part of Sonic Cities workshop series
Building on an interest in the  connections between music and architecture present within our research since Theatrum Mundi’s inception, this session will focus on articulating how research and design processes that shape cities can incorporate techniques, concepts, and values from sonic practices.

Workshop leaders: John Bingham-Hall, Gascia Ouzounian, Chooc Ly Tan.

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