As part of my creative and educational outputs, I design workshops inspired by my research in music, technology, physics, speculative fiction, decolonial & intersectional feminist thinking, my multi-media practice – offline and online,  diurnal and nocturnal, and the new context where I’m invited to contribute. I have led workshops for children and adults, non-for-profit organisations and institutions. Here I have listed a selection of educational projects.

Alongside, I’ve been teaching for a number of years in academic contexts; currently I’m an associate lecturer on the MA Photography program at the Royal College of Art (London, UK); and the BFA Fine Art program at The Ruskin School of Art (The university of Oxford, UK). In the past, I have lectured at Arts University Bournemouth, UK and a number of other universities such as Goldsmiths; I taught Art in French, at the Lycée Français (London) too.

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