I collaborated with Flore Nove-Josserand on a series of discursive workshops, an web-essay and a clubnight.

WAÏ #2: discursive residency and workshops @ St-Lunaire, France, with Linda franke, Oliver Braid & Gareth Bell-Jones,
with online contributions by Sol Archer and Helena Haimes.

WAÏ Composites: Visual web-esay
This website is the outcome of WAI #2 (Workshop for Artistic Investigation), which took place in Saint-Lunaire, Brittany, France, in September 2014. Artists collected phrases and key questions that punctuated the workshop. Later, images were added to them, to take the ??? to further territories.

WAÏ Composites: clubnight @ The Glove that Fits, London w/ mary Hurrell & Open Windows DJs 

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