We Teleport And Dance, 2022
The Dark Preview, volume 5
42cm x 60cm 

– poster-pamphlet with texts by Rut Blees Luxemburg, Casper Laing Ebbensgaard, Lo Marshall and Nick Dunn; and photo-collage by Chooc Ly Tan.

I made an epic collage using clips from home-made photographs (night strolling in my hometown, collected photos from parties, etc.) and found images. I wanted to recreate the sensation of time-travelling that I feel when at home or at certain parties. I get nostalgic when I go home, but it also has a number of futuristic backdrops with architecture made of reflective materials, housing projects and bridges connecting different hoods. Socio-politically there is a melancholia to this urban landscape, which I've tried to juxtapose with the exuberance of the dancefloor. And I wanted to teleport this juxtaposition, the dancers and the DJ, to an imagined future.

clips from the poster-pamphlet (above), layouts by The urban Night Project

Commissioned by The Urban Night Project

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