In Space There Is No Up Or Down, 2012
HD video, colour, sound
5' (excerpt 3')

“What happened is that […] everything that we know as normal, as laws, didn’t exist anymore […] suddenly it started like…”

says a voice followed by electronic beats in ‘In Space There Is No Up Or Down’.

What would a world devoid of physical laws, such as gravity and frames of references, such as geometry and time be like? Perhaps in the future, such laws will be refuted.

Sitting outside of time, would enable us to witness past, present and future all at once at the same time and in the same place. This topic is one of many that leads the viewer together through a shared conversation.

In Space There is no Up or Down (videostills)


2012 | Space Release, Circa Projects, Stephenson Works, Newcastle, UK


2014 | Selected 4 (Videoclub/FLAMIN) UK tour: CCA, Glasgow / Whitechapel gallery, London / Nottingham Contemporary / Fabrica, Brighton / Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle

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